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6 Killer Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, your first obstacle is to have a large budget to spend on promoting your products and services. 

How Content Marketing strategy helps reaching marketing goals for small businesses?

Content Marketing strategies help your business run on digital tracks towards your marketing goals.

Is Content Marketing really right for your business?

Books on Content Marketing

How to create effective content for small businesses without any budget raise. Write Market trends you want to change.

You may wonder whether Content marketing is worth expensive, and the results may not be as effective as traditional marketing methods in the past. 

Luckily, there is another, more cost-effective method to generate new leads and grow your business: content marketing.

Effective content designed to reach a wide number of goals from getting better search engine rankings to generate new leads and increase conversions.  

According to one study, 90 percent of respondents saw positive results from content marketing within a short  period of time irrespective of their particular targeted goals. 

It is clear that content marketing works, as long as you know what kind of content you have to create.

There is no good content and bad content as such.  The format of content that works well for your business is always a good content.  

Good content comes in a variety of formats. Here are a few formats that work well for small businesses, and can be good starting points for you that suit your own content strategy.

Content marketing explained in detail: Read the Article written by Digital Deepak

Content marketing is a strategic marketing solution to a problem.  Content marketing determines a specific content format for a particular business or service.  

Content marketing in India and other countries is evolving as an evaluating tool to the products or services provided by the entrepreneur.  

It is also becoming a convincing document to the target audience to purchase the product using the informational and relevant content on the provider’s website. 

Content Marketing strategies include all marketing techniques like SEO, Social Media Marketing and creating blogs relevant to the product or services.

Compelling content that prompts the audience to purchase will be created.

In general, content writing is the implementation of a content marketing idea by creating content that will be used on web pages, blogs and social media platforms.

Content marketing is a comprehensive strategy on how to use content to generate leads and increase audience and conversions.

The content marketer provides a plan of content, while the content writer scales the plan with research and writes content based on research.

You need to have a better content writer in your niche to develop good digital marketing strategies and excel in content marketing.  

The content writer should have a broader perspective of reaching marketing goals through his writing skills.

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6 effective Content Marketing strategies for Small Businesses
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Do you know that 79% of users prefer to get to know a business through articles than ads?

Written Content is undoubtedly the starting point for your strategy.  If your Content is relevant and optimized for search engines, you will get new visitors.

However, blog posts and articles will attract readers only when they are effective, well-written and useful to readers.

If your blog simply exists on the internet isn’t enough to make it stand out. The Internet is a big place.   You need to write articles or posts with fresh and creative content.  You must provide some solution to your customers’ issues.

Your content must help your potential customers in some way or keep them engaged with your updated information in your niche.

If you are in trouble to come up with topics to write about, try asking your customers what they would like to know.  

For example, if you are selling a product, write a step-by-step guide with complete photos and information on how to use the product.  If you are a fashion designer, write about current trends, designs in the fashion industry.  If you have a family restaurant, write about trendy recipes and offers in detail.  

Every business out there has something to offer its customers, so there is  no difficulty in getting content topics.


People always love list posts more than normal posts.  Lists are the most-shared content on the internet, generating as many as 30,000 shares per month.  Create lists that are useful to your target audience.  

The great thing about the internet is, it has a variety of formats like animated GIFs, slides and text lists.  You must meet the consumer needs.  

For example: The Top 10 strategies that most startups ignore, 5 FREE Tools that every Digital Marketer should have etc.  Find the format that works best for you and create a list post in a variety of formats.


List posts or Listicles are very popular because:

People are busy: People quickly scan the important pieces of information and consume.  Listicles are easy to scan and understand the content fast.

Easy to write: Listicles are easy to write from the creator point of view.  List posts are very easy when compared with the other post formats like Ultimate Guides and Case Studies etc.

Easy to check: Lists are easy to check the important points in the content.  Lists help the reader find out the important points.

Comprehensive Content: The creator can keep all the content in one place, so that the reader can save his time and understand the content in a nutshell. 


Words can be powerful, but pictures will be effective.  Infographics have become very popular in content marketing.They allow the extensive content in a clear and compelling style.

Infographics provide a visual vehicle in the form of a graphic design and simplify the more complicated content.

Think of a blog post or article with a lot of complex information.  If that information is made into an infographic, probably it makes it easier to understand and remember.

The colors that used to display the statistics are very attractive and easier to share than text.

You needn’t worry if you don’t have design skills.  There are hundreds of customizable infographic templates out there for you if you want to do it yourself.  Your infographic should have a searchable title with relevant keywords.

You have to remember to include your business name and website somewhere on the infographics.  This would help you to brand your content especially for small businesses.

Posts receive 650% more engagement when they include images. (Source: Webdam)

How Can Infographics Impact Your Content Marketing?

Before we get to know how infographics impact your Content Writing, let us make it clear why infographics should be a part of your content marketing strategy. 

Infographics are helpful for link building and earning organic traffic.  People will be eager to share your infographics when you create a visually appealing infographic full of valuable stats and information.

You can easily add a link to your website making it easy for people to copy and paste your infographic into their blog posts.

Another great thing about infographics is that they increase your ranking well in the image search.  Image search is one of the SERP features.


What is an Interactive Content?

Any form of content in a website that can be interacted with by visitors is an interactive content. For example: Quizzes, standalone apps, click-triggered pages and interactive maps etc.

Why do many content marketers think that Interactive content is the next big-thing?

Why do many content marketers think that Interactive content is the next big-thing?

In content marketing audience engagement is the KEY.  In fact, your content should have an emotional impact on your reader. Your content would be effective when it creates  some emotions like excitement, desire, surprise when they read something new piece of content presented in a different way.

These feelings can help people build a bond with your brand and become loyal visitors.  This bond can help with sales and lead generation.

In a world of shrinking attention spans of the visitors, interactive content only can grab the attention longer than a normal content post in your brand. 

What are the Interactive Content types?

Tools and Calculators







Q&A Sessions

Interactive videos

Interactive Infographics

In addition, your potential customers must be engaged by asking them to do something.  Your content should always contain a call to action. There are many interactive tools out there to keep your audience on the site longer and generate more leads for your business.

Many small businesses rely on a contact form on a landing page, but they don’t keep your customers engaged for long.

For example, free audit SEO forms, Tax calculator form on a financial site, Project estimate generator form etc. motivate visitors to think about what they need and this would help them to solve their problems. 


How often should you post?

The frequency of posting to blog depends on the size of your company.  If your company is small, you need to inform your audience about the trends and updates in your niche.  It is necessary to post twice or thrice in a week for faster results.

However, larger size companies need to push out posts daily or multiple times in a day. 

If you are a marketing team of one, don’t feel the need of posting every day.  If you do so, you will not find any apparent benefit to your audience.

Your content must be effective and post frequently or on a regular basis.  Content should be available with updates in your niche or business.

Furthermore, your content must be responsive.  It should allow users to engage with your business wherever they are or whatever device they are with like PC, Laptop or Mobile.


A large number of small businesses are now taking the advantage of Video content to stand out in the competition and achieving their goals.

Content Marketing will be effective and spread your marketing message far and wide and it can take your content marketing results to the next level, when you use videos in your content.

Content Marketing is most effective when it appears in Audio and Visual media.

People today are timeless to spend on reading content.

They are more inclined to listen or watch.  Podcasts and Videos engage your audience effectively.  

Your potential viewers  can access these audio or video files by subscribing new files as soon as they are available.


87% of Marketers Use Video for Content Marketing

It is evident that the tremendous increase in use of video content by the publishers for the last five years.

These files can be made available on various platforms like iTunes or YouTube.  These two platforms are great for  generating new leads.

The ultimate goal of content marketing is conversions.   By leveraging video marketing, more people will sign up to your newsletter or make a purchase.  Video marketing will give the audience a better clarity to make purchase decisions.

When a pole conducted by HubSpot about audience interest, on which type of content they want to see amazing results are seen below.

Image Source: HubSpot


Today consumers are depending on the internet for all their needs like information from quick tutorials to in-depth guides on subjects they want to know about.  

A strong Content Marketing Strategy can reach your target audience when you provide them what they are seeking.

You can analyze the results of our content marketing strategy with the tools like Google Analytics and see the role content playing in your marketing results.


Learning from the successes and failures of others can help you generate search traffic.

Consistency in implementing the best practices is the right way to long-term success in content marketing.

If you are trying to drive more traffic to your brand, you need to come out of your conventional strategies, and implement advanced content marketing strategies and give your audience what they want.

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