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Much of human activity has moved to digital tracks due the Technological transformations in the modern world.  Every aspect of our lives including our work, study, leisure and even our relationships and even our private communications are linked to ‘Online Environment’ in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Your business is not an exception.  If your company does not exist  online, it would almost reach oblivion. You need to know the best digital marketing tools to grow your business.  Now, you have nothing to do with your physical presence like a brick and mortar store anymore.  Your Online performance can bring you incredible success.  But growing your online presence is not a cake walk.  

To make your products or services top notch, you need to be in touch with various digital marketing tools and techniques to run your business on digital tracks. Luckily, today there are best digital marketing tools out there to use them successfully.

If you are a beginner, I will give the best digital marketing tools list for small businesses.

In fact, there is an incredible range and variety of helpful tools to lead your business into digital tracks.

These tools are related to three crucial stages of growing your business. These are the best tools for digital marketing.

They are Categorized into Research and Planning, Implementing and Analytics.

Digital Marketing tools for Research and Planning:

Research and Planning

1.Google Trends:

Google trends is the most authentic and important tool to start your research and planning.  Just type the preferred keyword in the search panel.  You will find how much  buzz there is about your topic.  If this is your product/brand name you will find incredible information about your competitor also.

How can you use this?

Google Trends will verify whether your business idea is outdated or competent.  It will also show you the obstacles that may obstruct your success. The articles displayed here follow the google algorithm.

2. Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs

It is a very important tool that helps you in creating your Marketing Strategy.  Keyword Explorer proposes more than 3 billion keywords database which updates every month.  It supports more than 100 countries.

A few significant features:

Advanced metrics: analyzes return rate, clicks per search and paid clicks.

Keyword difficulty score: easy ranking possibilities for each keyword.

How can you use this?

Keywords play an important role in search activity to find the right content the searchers are looking for. When you know them, you can incorporate those keywords in your content. 

3. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights gives you important information like the demographic data, interests, habits and the type of devices the customer is using and many other smart insights which would make you plan most effective ad campaigns to the right market. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. It is also the most effective tool to target the right customers. 

How can you use this?

When you know your customers’ interests, you can offer them the products and services they need.  Knowing the customer’s interests enables you to make a perfect marketing strategy to reach your marketing goals.

Digital Marketing Tools for Implementing Marketing Strategy:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This is the best tool to create more persuasive headlines which attracts readers and provoke them to click for more information.  You can even design names of your products, campaign slogans and content titles to attract the customers. It gives you a Score of your title search ability in search engines ranging from 0-100. The better score  ranges from 60-100.

How can you use this?

This tool gives you great tips to improve your headlines.  If the headline is effective, more visitors your website is likely to get. So, your conversion rate will be more.

WebpageFX’s Readability Tool

This tool analyses the readability of your content.  If you enter your Url, you will get suggestions to refine your content.  Your best content will be ineffective if it doesn’t meet the requirements of your audience.  

How can you use this?

It is very important your content must be readable and understandable to your target audience.  Though your content has valuable information, if it is complicated and ambiguous readers will not take risk to spend their time to understand your content.  This tool will show the score of your content with various parameters.  This score enables you to refine your content.


This tool lets you send push notifications to your customers, even when they are not currently on your website.  The visitors will come to know about your new offers that you provide.  Your audience will be engaged with your new notifications and offers instantly.

How can you use this?

Push notifications remind visitors about new products or services.  This gives you the opportunity to convert casual visitors to customers. Of course, this is a premium service after a free trial offer.


When social activity is at an extreme pace, it is important to maximize the opportunities available on social media to your business.  However, sometimes it is extremely difficult to handle social media marketing on all channels.  Here, comes Eclincher to help you.  This automatically publishes content on all channels, schedules posts and provides better performance too. Apart from this, it replies to every reaction on your post on social media.

How can you use this?

Controlling Marketing Campaigns and implementing them in a few directions at once is an unrealistic task for most people.  Eclincher makes it possible to promote simultaneously all over social media and supports easy interaction with the audience.

Digital Marketing Tools Analyzing your results (Analytics)

SERP Rankings:

What is SERP?  It has two difinitions. Search Engine Ranking Position Your website rank on Google.

Search Engine Results Page – A page on a search engine which displays search results.

It is a free service.  Just input your website or keyword, and you will see where your site ranks for a particular period.  But the rank values vary based on demography and device you used.

How can you use this?

This tool gives the value of keywords you used.  The higher the rank, the easier the people can reach you.  Using SERP you can measure the efficiency of your positioning and change your strategy as per the rank.

Google Analytics

This is the most sought after tool for every digital marketer.  This would let you know the traffic flow, demographic stats of your website visitors, keywords that your visitors used to land on your website and so on.

How can you use this?

Just install on your website.  Your website availability and visibility is  the primary requirement for top performance.  Google Analytics helps you achieve this by optimizing your website content.

Bottom line

I want to help you achieve the best digital and social media marketing possible.  I hope this short list of valuable digital marketing tools  has given you an idea how best you can use them to grow your business to the highest level possible.

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