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Email Marketing: Do You Know about the Pros and Cons?

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Email Marketing: Pros and Cons

Email Marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is  Sending powerful commercial messages to prospective customers.  

Why do the benefits of email marketing outweigh the potential drawbacks? At digital tracks you will know pros and cons of Email Marketing.

The major Facts about email marketing is its cost effective, fast and reliable when compared with the other marketing campaigns like Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc. 

For small businesses Email marketing remains one of the most effective, fast and valuable strategies available when done correctly, lest it should have adverse effects on your business. Most startups ignore this marketing strategy.

Unlike any marketing campaign, email marketing also has the pros and cons in its own way.  Understanding the pros and cons of email marketing campaigns can help you create a successful email marketing strategy.

Risks of email marketing are mainly related to the defective or ineffective management of email marketing campaigns.

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The Pros of Email Marketing: 

The advantages of email marketing are lower than the disadvantages of email marketing.

It Creates Brand awareness:  Continuous email marketing campaigns help the consumers to remember your brand.  This can help the consumers know the value of your content.  This further promotes your brand and the products or services you offer them. This also helps them to make a buying decision.

You can Share Information: Email Marketing allows you to share your knowledge and expertise in your brand or niche.  This can help the viewers to rely on your content for any information.  This trust also gives you the opportunity to introduce or announce a new product or service with a limited time special offer.

Pros and cons of Email marketing

It’s an effective way of making conversations: Email marketing gives the opportunity to build an open and targeted dialogue on the topics that the consumers are interested in. Opt in/out services in email campaigns help you build a genuinely interested group of customers, so that you can target campaigns to such groups.

It’s really Fast and Affordable Option: One of the major benefits of email marketing is its affordability and speed.  It doesn’t require many hours and dollars since there are many free and low-cost and best email marketing tools out there.

You can create your design: There are many design options that give you a scope to convey your business brand, you can send plain text, graphics or attach files like audio and video.  This gives an opportunity to make a dialogue with your prospective customers.

It is easy to share: One of the advantages of email campaigns is its share-ability.  People who are convinced with your campaign can share and forward your email content to others.  This builds your reputation and helps increase new customers to follow your brand.

An Effective way for new promotions:  If you have a new promotion of your products and services, people can click on links and follow your call-to-action buttons. Email marketing is effective at every stage of buying decisions made by your prospective customers. For example, you can use your brand image and influence someone to choose your product. 

Data and Analytics are easy:  There are many web analytics soft wares to evaluate the success of your campaign. This evaluation is more valuable to optimize your future campaigns. A good number of free and best email marketing service platforms are out there.  They guide you from scratch.  

Establishing Industry Expertise: It is one of the easiest ways to share your business key information with many people at a time.  It enables you to become a thought leader in your industry and promote your business with confidence.

If any industry has become an industry expert, they can build up their brand credibility which can lead to the brand being recognized by buyers as a reputable and trusted source to find solutions to the readers’ issues.

Every 3 out of 4 people are using email: About 78% of Americals are email users.  Many people rely on email for valid information and also check their emails several times daily.

It can bring customers to your website: An effective email campaign with a call-to-action button to your website can help bring new visitors to your website. Make use of bulk email marketing softwares to send emails to a good number of customers at a time.

It’s Real-time marketing: You can connect with customers in real-time. You can reach the audience by using automated triggers such as website activity, recent purchase or shopping cart abandonment in the real time.

The Cons of Email Marketing:

Consistency and constant updates are a must: When you have a pool of customers, you need to nurture them consistently.  You have to email or create a new campaign to retain them with you.  Fresh content and new information will prevent customers from leaving you in search of their prospects elsewhere.

The open rate of email is very low: On a good email or email campaign the open rate is 1 out of 5 (20%).  But there are many businesses whose open-rate is 10-15% is just fine.  The reason is that people are getting emails from everyone and everything.  If someone doesn’t meet his priority in your email, then he deletes it. 

The Unsubscribe button is a bane: It is easy to subscribe or unsubscribe for an email.  When customers get vexed with the volume or content of emails, they can easily click the unsubscribe button and leave. This is one of the major disadvantages of email marketing.

Email marketing opportunities are killed by Spam filters: When your email doesn’t get deleted or filtered out of an inbox, there is an automation called Spam filters that will take out a lot of emails before anyone opens them. Hence, email marketers encourage new subscribers and add them to their list.

Email Design can change the game: Internet traffic today comes mostly from a mobile or any hybrid design. The game of HTML emails on desktops or laptops is over.  Your email should have mobile responsive design in order to look professional on any device like iPhone, iPad or Tablet.

How to write the best email like a Pro. Click here to get a free ebook on Email Marketing Essentials.  Download for FREE here.

The Use of ‘Sales-y’ tone: Communicate with people in a personalized tone rather than a sales tone.  Remember there is always an unsubscribe button as a choice they don’t want you. How to write the best email form.  Get response is the best email marketing platform that gives you free tutorials on how to write a best email and free trial services on email marketing

It’s a long strategy: It takes a lot of time.  You can’t expect immediate opens to build your list over the night. Blogging is the best way to get new leads, in fact many companies that blog generate 90% more leads than email marketing but it takes a lot of time to grow the traffic.

Email may never be opened: Bulk email programs can be seen as unimportant and deleted or held in the spam folder and never be seen by the consumers.  If your messages aren’t targeted the right customer the recipient may delete your email or unsubscribe.

Privacy and Data Protection Rules:  Your email marketing service providers must comply with privacy and data protection rules.  If they do not meet this, they will go to the spam folder and never be opened. See email marketing and privacy laws.

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It is difficult to Stand Out: One of the biggest challenges in email marketing has the toughest competition.  These days your audience is getting dozens of emails every day, most of these emails have a chance to be considered spam, junk or not relevant to their interests.

It is very important to create quality content.  Your content must be in simple language and interesting to read, pleasing and unique.

It can frustrate potential clients: Inboxes are often plagued with a number of spam emails.  They bring frustration to the potential clients.  Many clients often complain that they are receiving emails they didn’t sign up for, so make sure that you are not causing any pain to your recipients to unsubscribe from your content.

Design Problems: Your email must be designed to appear in multiple devices.  You may meet a trade-off with design and functionality of your email, if not opened at the comfort of your potential customers.

Final Thoughts:  As with life, there are two sides of the coin.  Let digital tracks help you consider both the pros and the cons that will help your business the way that you need and create a robust email marketing strategy that connects with your people’s interests, trust, relationship and build your brand, increase conversions. 

In a world full of competition, digital tracks help your sales and conversions increase by attracting new clients to your products and services.

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