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The best ways to get more traffic to your blog

I Found the 7 best ways to get more traffic to your blog!

The 7 Best Ways To Get More Traffic to Your Blog

You do not know how get more traffic to your blog.  Here, I found the 7 best ways to get more traffic to your blog!

If you follow these 7 best ways you are sure to get more traffic to your blog.

New business blogs are starting every day.  Many blogs have a good chunk of readership and increase their customer base.

But most of the bloggers do not achieve any success with their blogs: As a result they stop blogging.

In the following Iines I will go a little deeper into the world of blogging to know – How many Blog Posts are published per day?

You will soon realize the answer is far more than mere statistics. 

Moreover, the facts mentioned below strengthen our efforts to get traffic to your blog.

The following statistics are nothing short of impressive.

Growing number of blog posts everyday!

  • Every month: 70 million new posts appear on WordPress driven blogs alone (29% of all blogs)
  • Viewers engage in: 77 million comments.
  • The monthly readership is: 409 million people.
  • Comparatively : Tumblr engage 450 million blogs
  • Average Blog post contains: 1150 words
  • The average time spent on blog posts is: 16 seconds.

With a view of the above facts, obviously more than 70% of blogs reach oblivion before making a profit.

You need to understand one thing: simply creating a blog and posting content is not enough to make your blog successful. 

You have to follow the best SEO practices, only then you will get some relevant traffic.

What are the 7 best ways to get more traffic to your blog?

Your blog may not get traffic results due to various reasons.  I mentioned 7 queries and if your answer is YES to any one of them, I offered the best ways to get traffic more to your blog.

#1- Are You Focusing On the Wrong Keywords?

One of the most important reasons that you do not get good traffic is that you are using wrong keywords.  

This happens usually with new bloggers because they are not sure of the right keywords. 

However, some other bloggers neglect the right keywords that will drive traffic and visitors to their blog.

Are you not sure whether your keywords are off-target?

These are the clues:

  • Your post may have a high bounce rate
  • Your post may have a little organic visibility
  • Keywords have higher impression rate and low click-through rate

Your content with wrong keywords may bring traffic to your website/blog but they are not an ideal audience.  

Your blog might be swollen with good content and brings guests who will never convert. As a matter of fact, they just hover over your new posts and switch over to your competitors’ content.  

Know the best ways to get more traffic to your blog organically

At last the solution to this problem is only making proper keyword research.  

There are a number of FREE and PAID Tools to do keyword research like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Keyword are some of the FREE tools. 

The 7 best ways to get more traffic to your blog.

If you can invest a few bucks you can run an active Google Ads Campaign.  

This would help make sure your keyword focus matches your target customers’ searches.  Then you will get noticed by google and other search engines.

# 2- Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Competitors?

A keen research about your audience helps you understand the struggles, queries and problems that your target customers have with your industry/products or services. 

How do you make an insight about your competitors? 

There are several different ways to conduct competitive analysis, which can help you develop a strong and more effective content strategy that drives traffic to your blog.  They are:

Analyse your target keywords: Perform a search for the phrases with keywords that you want to write a blog post. 

Check on what ranks first. You will find a blog or website that uses these keywords and created a post.  

Observe how the post is structured? In what other ways you can improve the writing quality, adding missing content or you can totally change into your own style of presentation.

Make content audits of your competitors: There are many free tools to perform content audit research.  Use them on your competitors’ blog, collect information about your rivals’ posts, the topics they focus or miss.

These insights will help you fill the gaps and improve your content strategy.  Provide the content that your competitors have neglected.  So that you can get a chunk of the audience who belonged to your competitors.

Study the top content in your niche/industry.  This can help you craft better blog posts to get  better rankings over time.  This would result in a higher number of interested readers visiting your website and engaging with your business.  

#3-Aren’t Your Blog Posts designed for Human Readers?

In fact, when it comes to optimizing your blogs, they result in two aspects: optimizing blog posts for search engines with your target keywords focussing to capture the attention of bots and your very human customers. 

When your blog posts are so focussed to bots rather than to the attention of actual people, you do not get physical traffic though it might rank high in search engines.

How to make content more appealing to human customers?

You have to:

  • Create content in a conversational style and readable
  • Use visuals like images, infographics
  • Break the longer paragraphs into short sentences
  • Headings, lists and bullets whenever possible.

Further, your content must get the readability score.  The readability score is based on 0-100 scale.  The lower score suggests the text is complicated.  The higher the score suggests the text is readable even to teens.

Get the readability score to your website/content here for free.

Readable content not only can drive traffic in tons but also make them conversions.

Most importantly, your blog should have a compelling source of content which makes your casual skimmers into returning audiences.

The 7 best ways to get more traffic to your blog.

#4-Don’t You have a Content and Distribution Strategy?

Many bloggers understand that relevant content is necessary for search engine optimization and building an audience.  They create and optimize their content. 

Although, this would bring them some traffic, a blog without direction is not sustainable and will not bring any long-term gains.

However, you need to implement a content marketing strategy which includes content creation, publishing and promoting the content. A detailed strategy publishing the content to your audience and maintaining consistency that brings you  a loyal following.

Secondly, ensure that your content reaches the widest possible audience through promotion.  

Enter the 80/20 rule: You have to spend 20% of your time to create content and 80% of your time to promote it.  It would be meaningless to create more useful content without making efforts to reach the audience.  You need to reach the platforms where your potential audience dwells.

Thirdly, You have to promote your content to major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter to niche networks and video sites etc.

#5-Don’t You have a Calls-to-action on Your Blog?

You have created your blog through well-written posts and optimized it.  You readers find it exactly the content they needed for their question. What do they do next?  Imagine this situation. 

Conversely, High quality content posted consistently to your blog is not enough to convert your potential audience into customers. 

If you do not provide them a way to connect with your website, you are losing business.  Here calls-to-action helps you. You can ask your reader to take a specific action such as downloading an eBook, signing up for an email newsletter or providing a free consultation etc.

The most effective calls-to-action will depend on your brand and audience.  There are many practices to create a CTA.

  • Use strong and enticing words.
  • Show the exact benefit of taking action.
  • Insert images to give them more clarity.
  • Persuade the visitors the urgency of action

You need to optimize your calls-to-action and find out which type of action drives the highest conversion rates.

#6- Aren’t you Updating and Recycling your Older Content?

Be prepared that every post or article is going to bring you an audience.  In fact, only one out of 10 posts will get traffic and generate new leads long after you published it.  Yet these posts contribute 40% of your blog’s traffic. 

If you neglect your older but effective and valuable content, you are missing to generate qualified leads to your blog.  If you want to make these posts into compounding posts which generate more leads, you need to do two things regularly.

  •  Identify the posts with the largest traffic and highest conversion rates.
  • Review and refresh these compounding blog posts to ensure they remain accurate and updated.

Since these posts perform well, they are the ideal content pieces to promote every now and then adding additional and updated content.  Promote them on social media and other channels with internal links of your previous posts.

Also, You may make some changes in these compounding posts like adding quotes, replacing images, infographics, latest stats (if necessary), video summary and many more.

#7- Isn’t Your website optimized for mobile devices?

The 7 best ways to get more traffic to your blog.
The 7 best ways to get more traffic to your blog.

Above all, device incompatibility will have a negative impact on your site’s traffic, as a result the number of visitors your content makes conversions.

Moreover, nearly 70% of consumers between 18-40 age group research products on their mobile devices before making a purchase.  

A poor and slow experience of your site means the customers may never visit your site.

By the way, your content depends largely on device compatibility.  Ensure your site is optimized for mobile viewers too. 

How to make your blog content mobile-friendly?

  • Make sure your blog/site looks on different devices with a tool like Screenfly.
  • Replace text links with small screen-friendly,
  • Edit the size of opt-in forms to be visible on smartphone screens.
  • Headings, sub-headings, bullet points, images must be used to break up the text content.

8. Bonus Tip:

What are other ways to get more traffic to Your Blog?

In addition to the above issues there are many other things that you need to focus:Content should be long enough.  When you write a content with 500-1000 words, it becomes very concise and the reader leaves with incomplete information.  If you write a content with 1500-2000 words, it will be comprehensive and the reader feels he need not switch to another site for further information.  Moreover, I found in my experience the longer the content the better the SERP rank in search engines.

Index your site to search engines with site maps.  Of course, this is a part of your SEO, but many new bloggers ignore this.  Submit your sitemap to Google sitemap plugin (if you are using WordPress), Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools etc.

Use internal links, this would reduce your site’s bounce rate and it enables the readers to have a good navigation experience.  Make sure the internal links open in the same window.

Optimize your images.  Many users’ intent will be image search for brief and immediate information. Image optimization enables your site visible on search engines.  You have to perform Image SEO in your blog.  Explore here how to Optimize Your Images.

Do not stuff your post with Spam links.  Do not do keyword stuffing.  Do not add more affiliate links.

Keep in mind that link quality is more important than link quantity.

Bottom line:

As a rule of thumb, the above issues are just a few ways that you may be missing out your traffic and conversions.  If you address these main areas, you will go a long way toward improving your blog for sure.  But receiving traffic becomes easy when you follow the above suggestions but you have to retain them as your returning visitors.

Finally, it is very important to remember SEO strategies mean very little without a regular schedule of fresh content to post.

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