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Server Error (5xx): What is it? How to fix it?

Server Error (5xx):What is it and how to find and fix it?

What are Internal Server Errors?

Internal server errors (5xx), also known as HTTP server errors, are those that may have occurred in the web server while attempting to display an HTML page to you. It is an error that is usually unintentional on the part of the user.

Response codes starting with the digit ‘5’ shows the situations in which the server is aware that it has found an error or it is unable to perform the request.

What is 5xx Server Error?

A server returns a 5xx server error when a server can’t successfully complete a client’s request.

5xx means any HTTP status code that begins with 5 and so among others this covers the 500, 502 and 503 errors.  A server error (5xx) is also known as a “5xx server error.” 

Why should you care about 5xx server errors?

5xx server errors are a major problem because they negatively impact your visitors’ experience. Consider the following scenario: you own an eCommerce store, and your customers are constantly receiving server errors. 

Do you think they’ll keep trying until they find something they like?

No, they’ll go next door and buy from your competitors.

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What about search engines such as Google? If they only get 5xx server errors every now and then, you probably don’t have much to worry about. However, if the 5xx server errors continue, you will most likely see a steady decline in organic traffic.

Let’s know why 5xx server errors are bad for SEO, what the most common 5xx server errors are, how to determine if your site’s server returns them, what causes them, and how to fix them.

The Impact of 5xx errors on SEO

When Google detects a 5xx error on a website, it may lower a page’s ranking or remove it from the index; such errors may result in a negative user experience. In fact, these mistakes have the greatest negative impact on SEO.  Your content will lose one of Google’s ranking factors.

They are the most difficult to correct. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact problem they’re referring to and its simplest solution. Furthermore, you may not be able to solve these issues by modifying the page code, and you may need to seek assistance from developers or server administrators.

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Still, you should, if not must, fix them because search engines despise 5xx errors. When a search engine encounters 500 and 503 errors, it is unable to crawl and analyze your site. 

This also implies that 500 error codes can lead to a poor user experience and have a negative impact on your site’s ranking and indexing.

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However, your ranking will not drop immediately if a 5xx error occurs. Before the page is removed from Google’s index, there must be multiple instances of 503 responses over a week or two. And now you have the opportunity to correct them.

5xx Errors

There are several different 5XX server errors, each with its own response code to help identify the problem. It is critical to become acquainted with the various 5XX status codes and their meanings. Some of the more common are listed below.

500 – Internal Server Error

This is the most common message encountered, and it indicates a generic server error that is displayed when the server is unable to determine the exact cause of the problem. 

501 – Not Implemented

The server is unable to distinguish the request made or, for whatever reason, is unable to perform the request. This usually denotes future accessibility.

502 – Bad Gateway

When the server is acting as a gateway or proxy server and the upstream server returns an invalid response, this happens.

503 – Service Unavailable

This indicates that the server is currently unavailable, most likely due to maintenance or overloading. It is usually only a temporary problem, and the user should try again later.

504 – Gateway Timeout

The server, like the 502 status, was acting as a gateway or proxy server. When the upstream server fails to respond in a timely manner, this error occurs.

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What do 5xx errors look like?

A 5XX Error is a server-generated error, not a website error. Because they are visible in any operating system, you may encounter this type of error message when using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Server errors are frequently displayed within the internet browser window as web pages load.

3 Simple Steps to Clear a 5xx error

5XX Errors are server-side, which means the issue is unlikely to be with your internet connection or device. Your website server will experience an error.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong on your end, there are a few simple steps you can take before seeking additional assistance and advice.

  1. Refresh your browser

The issue may be only temporary; reloading the page will usually solve the problem. This can be accomplished by submitting the URL from the address bar, or by pressing F5 or Ctrl-R on your keyboard.

  1. Remove cookies

5xx errors are sometimes caused by cookies associated with the website, so deleting these and refreshing the browser can often solve the problem. To do so, navigate to your web browser’s History and click Delete. To remove cookies from some devices, check the box next to Cookies before clicking.  Refresh your page to see if the error code appears again.

       3.Contact your host/server.

If the problem persists, the right course of action is to contact your host or server directly to determine the source of the problem. Chances are, they are already on top of it or performing maintenance, but this will put your mind at ease and provide an idea of when it will be up and running again.

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Bottom line:

A 5xx server error occurs when a server fails to fulfill a request. There are ten different types of this error. This article discussed a few of them.

Although it is difficult to detect and correct each occurrence of these errors, search engines, particularly 500 and 503 errors, dislike them. Search engines may remove your site from their index if they receive such a response on a regular basis.

Use SEO tools to audit your site and detect 5xx errors in real time to avoid deindexing. There are three methods for correcting errors:

Reload the page to see if the problem was only temporary.

Check the error log on the site.

Consider any recent changes or upgrades to the system, and roll them back until the problem is resolved.

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