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The best 6 Google’s Ranking Factors to Your Website

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Your website is not  appearing in Google search results.Or has it not ranked there in the first place?  Do you know how serious this problem is? 

So, if you ever thought  that google doesn’t index your site, it is a very serious issue related to google’s ranking factors.

What are the google ranking factors?  How does google rank search results?  Do you know there are nearly 200 Ranking Factors that google consider for ranking web pages

Are Panic About Google Ranking Factors?

Don’t worry.  You need not implement all the 200 Ranking Factors, but some of them are more important than most others to get ranked in search results.

Here I will give you some of my findings on this issue.  I found some most common reasons why websites do not appear in Google Search results or do not rank in search engines.  Unless your online presence on digital tracks, you will be unnoticed by Google Search Results.

I will give you here

The most important google’s ranking factors.

Moreover, I offer some useful tips that you can both find your problem and resolve it.  So, you can improve your seo ranking.


Hey, if your website is brand new, you will be anxiously checking Google every few hours and worrying yourself ‘what is wrong’.   

But don’t worry, Google will take some time to review your website and new information on your site.  

Brand new websites will take a little while to get ranked in search results.

TIP:  If your site doesn’t show in Google search results after a few days, you have to link your site manually to Google’s index. 

This is very essential for your new website, because if you do not do it you will not get traffic also. 

Visit this page to submit a new website to Google Search Console. Get Started step-by-step and improve your seo ranking.

Google will take some time to review your new submission and rank in the search results.

How long will Google take to index your new website?  

It takes nearly a few weeks.  However, you can speed up the process by following Tips:                                                                  

1.  Maintain unique content in your site

2.  Create a valid sitemap

3. Link your website to some other websites

4. Link  your website on Google Search Console

But before submitting your new site to google search console, the key is to better populate your new site.


If your website traffic has shown a sudden fall  i.e. dropping from traffic or your site has not shown in google search results, your site might be suffering from google’s penalty.

What is google’s penalty?

Google temporarily or permanently removes your site from the search results.

Penalties can also prevent your site from the search results.

Google penalties are:

Image courtesy:
  1. Penalized: This may happen to your site whenever Google updates its algorithm or google may manually do it.  During this time your site exists, but you can not find your pages in search results.
  2. Deindexed: Google permanently removes your domain from search results,
  3. Sandboxed: Your site traffic drops suddenly, but your domain is neither penalized nor deindexed.

How to fix this issue:

Go to Google Search Control penalty alerts.  Google will inform  your issues here, you can fix them and submit your site for reconsideration to get back on google.


If you still do not find your site in search results, you need to amplify your SEO.  

Search engines like Google change its algorithm very frequently. Google will look into hundreds of factors while ranking sites…. SEO helps you ensure your website is optimized to rank.

Do You know your domain age is also a ranking factor? Yes. Google ranks a site with its domain age! If your domain Six months old or One year old is also a ranking factor. But don’t worry. It is not that much important.


SEO is a collection of several strategies designed to elevate your rankings in search engines and boost your conversions (revenue) online.

Your website is beautifully designed and your content is genuine and brand new, but without SEO, your site won’t rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  Needless to say, you will not be able to find in search results and scale your business.

Unless you know at least the basic process how google considers your site for search engine results and what is the algorithm that google has, it would be difficult for you find in the search results.

Technical Ranking factors such as: Site and Page Speed, Internal links, Keyword targeting, Title and Header Tags, Meta description, Image Alt test, Permalink structure and Quality content are very important.

How to fix this issue:

Conduct a complete SEO audit of your site.  An SEO audit allows us to identify the errors or areas for improvement and make necessary fixes to resolve the issue.

There are many FREE SEO Audit Tools out there.  You can check your website’s SEO for free.

These tools suggest you some changes.  You can follow them and get ranked in search engines soon.

Consider the following when you optimize your site for google rankings:


Believe it or not, your content plays an important role in your success. Content must be genuine and provide quality that matches and satisfies user intent.

Content must be purposeful and hold the visitor on your site, so they don’t have to hit the back button.

Search engines like to rank sites that provide quality content that matches the users search intent.

Google ranks the fresh content.  Your content must be unique.  The content which is out of google’s knowledge bank is always the best ranking factor.

You can publish your content with fresh dates/years.

For example: Top Google Ranking Factors in 2020. 

Content must be comprehensive enough that fully answers the searchers queries.  

Incomplete content is also another factor for which google will not rank because it does not satisfy the searchers’ intent.

You need not create content like full-length guides but your content must be essential enough to provide value that keeps them engaged on your site and enable them to contact you to take the next step.

How to fix your website’s content issues:

Provide fresh content to keep your visitors updated regularly to achieve the best results.  

It is important to remember that search engines and users like fresh and creative content.

Beef up your pages with images, infographics along with fresh content to improve your position in the SERPs.

How to fix this issue ?

Do the following activities to rank your web pages.

  • Clean up your site’s code with the help of your hosting provider
  • Check your site’s speed. There are many site speed testing tools out there.  Pingdom makes your website performance made easy
  • Make necessary changes in your web design compatible to all devices and ensure a positive user experience
  • Make use of free SEO tools to ensure target keywords, headings, page titles.
  • Create quality content that provides answers to searchers’ questions.


You have created valuable content.  Yet, your website isn’t showing in search results.  Obviously, your keyword target is not reached.

If you are trying to rank highly-competitive results and competing with bigger brands, your website will be in the dust.  It is time to change your keyword strategy.

Consider targeting long-tail keywords, more specific phrases that can be a combination of two or three keywords.

Though Long-tail-keywords have lower monthly search volumes, they are less competitive and they enable the chances of ranking at the top of search results.

There are many keyword free tools which give the related keywords to your topic. These tools will direct you with guides and tutorials. 

Some of them are:

Keyword Tool


Google Ads Keyword Planner


Moz KeyWord Explorer

Free Keyword Research Tool

The best way:  

Select a topic.  Find keyword density. Select keywords.  Create the content using the keywords.

Further, long tail keywords have more specific search intent than short tail keywords.

For example, if someone searches a generic keyword like ‘digital’  it is hard to determine what exactly they want to find.

Do they want to know about digital products, digital marketing?  Alternatively if someone searches the long-tail-phrase, digital marketing agencies near me or how we can do digital payments will give specific search results.


If your website gives poor user experience (UX) your rankings will be low.  Search engines always want to provide visitors with a great experience. 

Website with all essential strategies like keywords, valuable content will keep the user engaged with your website.

Google analytics show us the average time spent by the user on our site.  The longer the time spent on our website, the better the website and this is a signal to Google to rank our website top in search results.

How to fix a poor UX on your site?

  • Optimize your site speed
  • Use images wisely
  • Device compatibility
  • Write well defined head lines
  • Content must be valuable to your audience
  • Use attractive Call to action form

Improve your site’s load time with page speed optimization services.

There are many free page speed optimization services.

Some of them are:


Pingdom Website Speed Test

Page Speed Insights – By Google

Improve your site’s navigation by enabling multi device compatibility.

Include visual elements like video, images and infographics.

For better results consult free SEO Audits.  Follow their suggestions and you can fix the issues.

Your website is the core anchor for your digital marketing activities.  Designing your website with great user experience considering the pain points of the different audience that visit your website.

Are you still worried about how to get ranked in google. There are a good number of freelancers in Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms provide gigs to fulfill your tasks with reasonably low hires.


If your site doesn’t show up on the first page of the Google Rankings you will not get your results.  When your website doesn’t show up on Google, you miss your audience and conversion. So you need to identify the issues and fix them immediately.


Durga Prasad

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