Taking Care Of Yourself

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For Healthy Lifestyle

Weight loss Or Fat loss

The Big Question Is...  Weight Loss Or Fat Loss?

Weight loss Or Fat loss

Do Workout Help Me?

Even a light yoga session will counteract a lot of sitting during your work day.

Tip 1

Weight Loss Or Fat loss




Jumprope at your local park or try a Youtube series

Best Workout Options

Weight Loss Or Fat Loss

Sleep More

Are you getting at least 8 hours (or more) of sleep a night? Tracking sleep can definitely help you figure out.

Tip 2

Weight Loss Or Fat loss

Sleep Control

Track your sleep and monitor your movement.

Auto Ring

Track your sleep and your waking productivity.

Best Mindfulness Apps

Weight Loss Or Fat loss

Daily Dose Of Vitamins Help Me?

B12 and iron are your best friends for energy.

Tip 3

Weight loss Or Fat loss

Kale and Broccoli

These are your #1 powerhouse greens.


Eat them raw or cooked. They’re great for energy.

Best Vitamin-Loaded Food Options

Weight loss Or Fat loss

Skip the coffee

Coffee is a really short term solution for more energy. Try playing the long game instead.

Tip 4

Weight loss Or Fat loss

Tea and Sympathy

A classic NY tea shop that never goes out of style.

Cha An

Take a trip to Japan in NY and explore unique teas.

Best Juices Poor Results...

Weight loss Or Fat loss

Let’s Recap What We Have Done...


Sleep More

Get your vitamins

Skip the coffee

Poor Results...

Get Healthy By Losing Fat  but not Weight!