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Hey there, Iam Durga Prasad Bolloju from Visakhapatnam, The city of Destiny, Andhra Pradesh, India.  Thanks for checking my About page. I am a passionate Digital Marketer and Blogger since 2018.

I am also a Writer, Linguist, Translator, Subtitle Writer for many Hollywood Movies and also PMTE (Post Machine Translation Editor) for many MNCs in the Translation Industry.  My long Experience in translating the content elevated my Content Writing and Copy Writing Skills. 

Passion for  Blogging and Digital marketing  has  crept into my soft going life without any hassles in a lovely and honorable Teaching Profession.

I have a unique methodology: The Digital Marketing Ecosystem to your Business.

Services: Freelancer Digital Marketing | SEO | Website building | Content Writing | Copy Writing | Email Marketing
Digital Marketing in Digital tracks

Let us Implement a Comprehensive Strategy to reach Your Targeted Audience.

You need to be familiar with numerous digital marketing tools and operate them successfully.   Our services at digital tracks are necessary to make your products or services top notch.  You will find at digital tracks the answers you need to build your business, and help grow it to the highest level possible.

Creative in All Aspects:
My Vision
Our concept The Digital Ecosystem will ease your efforts to reach your Business goals.
My Mission
I Want to be my customer’s second skin and encourage their business passions.
My Passion
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