Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in India

In most parts of India, it is really hot since we are in the tropical zone and an air conditioner has almost become a necessity here. There are different types of air conditioners like a central air conditioner, ductless, mini-split air conditioner, window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, hybrid air conditioner and geothermal heating and cooling. With all these options it becomes difficult to choose a good air conditioner, so we are here to help you. The central air conditioning is one of the most common types of the cooling system and it is a common type of cooling system as it is preferable for larger homes because it cools really well. A ductless, mini-spilt air conditioner is good if you are looking to cool individual rooms in your house. The window air conditioner is a compact unit and is good for cooling a room. This portable air conditioner takes in air from the room and cools it and then directs it back into the room. Hybrid air conditioners choose between burning fossil fuels and using electricity to run and choose between two energy sources in order to save money and energy. Geothermal heating and cooling is sustainable and energy-efficient so you can make your choice as per your needs.

According to The Hindu, about 3.3 million air conditioners were sold in India during the 2013-2014 fiscal year and it will keep on increasing in the coming years, so it is necessary to know the best air conditioner brands in India so that you can buy from a reputed company that will give you good services:

Here is the List of the Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in India

1. Daikin
2. Haier
3. Blue Star
4. Voltas
5. Lloyd
6. LG
7. Carrier
8. Hitachi
9. Mitsubishi
10. Onida
Daikin Split AC Photo1
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It is a multinational air-conditioning manufacturing company that is headquartered in Osaka and has its branches in the USA, Japan, China, Phillippines, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and South America.

Their spilt Hi-wall air-conditioners are good options to choose because they give good cooling, are energy-saving and they have exceptional features as well. You get a 10-year warranty on the compressor as well. The FTKF is available in the capacities of 3.6, 5.0 and 6.0 and gives a good air conditioning experience. This air-conditioner has features such as low noise level, indoor unit operation and power chill operation. It also saves energy. It costs approximately INR 48,490. They also have a cassette air conditioner that is designed for today’s cooling needs. They give maximum comfort and have a unique round side contour and new LED light location and it looks really good. This air-conditioner gives 360 degrees of air cooling and guarantees the comfort that spreads more widely. This AC costs INR 40,990. They also have a floor standing air conditioner, which is portable and they have a filter sign, anti-bacterial filter, durable filter, self-diagnosis filter and many more. They also have ducted, VRV, chillers, rooftop, FCU and ceiling suspended air conditioners. It costs INR 45,000. 

Haier Split AC Photo1
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This Chinese company uses the latest technology and has several user-friendly features. It can provide the desired cooling whenever required. It has a good cooling solution, energy-efficient condensers, auto-restart feature, turbo mode and sleep mode. They have a split AC’s and Window AC’s as well.

PuriCool displays 3 in 1 Inverter Plus Self purify. It has Verticool HPU24HC5 which is a minute instant chill and 26dB(A) super quiet, 60 degrees cooling at extreme temperature. Their clean cool is also good. Their turbo cool has a 15 M long air throw. The four Acs under Haier Puri cool range are HSU-12JS5- star which costs INR 76,500. HSU-19JS5-5star costs INR 1,00,00. The HSU-12JW- 3 Star costs INR 69,500 and their HSU-19JW3-3star costs INR 74,500. The AC costs INR 55000 to 200000 per unit. 

Blue Star Split AC Photo1
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Bluestar is a company that has been manufacturing air conditioners. It fulfils the cooling requirements of corporate, commercial as well as residential customers. They have an inverter split AC, fixed speed split AC, Window AC, portable AC and much more.

Their Inverter Split ACs can expand or minimize their cooling capacities to deliver comfortable cooling and maximum energy savings. It has a good precision cooling technology, dual rotor inverter technology, brushless DC motor, climate control and is made of 100% copper. It costs INR 42, 990. The fixed speed split AC is stylish, compact and saves energy. It ranges from 32,000 to 42,000. Their window AC has a metal enclosure, is eco-friendly, is highly efficient and also has a sleep mode. Their portable conditioners are compact, convenient and highly efficient. They have multiple fan speed and caster wheels. It sensors air quality and adapts different mechanisms to purify the air. It ranges from 20,000 to 40,000. 

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Voltas is one of the most trusted brands in air conditioner industry. It is a six-decade old brand and was founded in the year 1954. They pioneered the concept of air conditioning and refrigeration in India and have had many launches throughout the period.

They offer a wide range of split AC’s, window ACs and Inventor ACs and offers valuable features to the consumers. They have an active dehumidifier and intelligent hearing features so you get comfortable weather inside your room.  It has a multi-directional swing movement for uniform cooling in the room. They also have an instant cooling feature. You can choose an AC that looks good on your wall, learn how much you can save while using the AC and suggest an AC that is suitable to your room size.

The Voltas Inventor Adjustable Spilt AC 185V ZZY- IMR (R32) 1.5 Ton 5 Star has an adjustable mode, eco-friendly refrigerant, CO2 reduction and stabilizer free operation. It has an adjustable mode, it has an eco-friendly refrigerant, super dry, stabilizer free operation, Co2 reduction, sleep mode, active dehumidifier, 4-speed fan function, turbo cooling, wide operating voltage range 100V- 290V. It is 1.5 ton and has a full load capacity of 5200 and a half load capacity of 2600. It costs INR 77,000.

The Voltas Inverter Window AC 185V DZA 1.5 ton 5 star costs 37,990. It has an eco-friendly refrigerant, high ambient cooling, active dehumidifier, 2 stage filtration advantage, sleep mode, self-diagnosis, turbo mode, glow light buttons, steady cool compressor and turbo mode. The full load capacity of this AC is 5100 and a half load capacity is 2500. It has a high ambient cooling at 50C.

The Voltas Inverter Spilt Ac185VH Crown Aw 1.5 ton 5 star and Voltas Tower cooler VM T50 EH 50L electronic are also good options to buy. 

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Began operations in 1956 and is a sub-brand of Havells. The Air Conditioners manufactured by Lloyd are popular for the latest cooling technology as these AC’s come bundled with brilliant features such as Wireless Control, Rapid Cooling and Express Cooling.

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It is a South Korean company that has its headquarters in Seoul. It has four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliances and Air Solutions, Vehicle solutions and business solutions.

LG has three types of air conditioners: Spilt, Window and Residential Air conditioners. Their residential air conditioners have dual inverter technology, micro dust protection filter and have 100% copper with ocean black protection. Their window AC’s have a lighter carbon footprint and enable you to enjoy clean and cold air without worrying less about the environment or electricity bill. Their windows ACs are available in the range from 31990 to 48990. Their spilt ACs save energy and the cooling speed range is also good. It also has a 4-way swing technology that ensures that air will flow uniformly. It is suitable for medium-sized rooms. It costs around 55,990. Their window air-conditioners are in the range INR 20,000 to 37,000. 

Carrier Split AC Photo1
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It is a world leader in high technology, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. It is part of UTC Climate, Controls and security, a unit of United Technologies Corp and is a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. They have good quality products. They are also very innovative. Willis Carrier is the founder of this company.

They have a split AC, a WiFi AC and a Window AC as well. Their spilt AC costs INR 49900 and their Santis Pro RYL Inverter 3 star AC costs INR 52500.

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Hitachi is a company that has its headquarters in Japan. It has its operations in information and telecommunication systems, social infrastructure, high functional materials and components, financial services and much more.

It offers reliable, efficient and high-quality solutions for air conditioning. It is suitable for installation in a single bedroom while being just as functional in a multi-zone system. It is really energy-efficient and reliable and it has good quality solutions for cooling. Their AC’s are functional for a single room as well as a multi-zone system. Hitachi air conditioners incorporate twin motor technology and have great efficiency. Their spilt air conditioners have a slimline size and have an inverter technology for tropical weather conditions in India. It costs around 36,999. It makes efficient use of energy and it has many features like Ace Cut out, Follow me and Auto Clean technology. Their window AC has twin motor technology, which makes it efficient. It costs INR 21,499. 

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Initiated production in 1921 its a Japanese MNC. The Air Conditioners designed and engineered by Mitsubishi have some of the best and simplest styles and designs that become preference of many in one look. It is thereby the choice of the new India that may need the AC throughout the year.

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Onida AC boasts itself the only Indian company that offers the innovative cooling technology that is a perfect fit for the Indian Customer and their specific requirements. Its the most latest technology used and the ones that are voice enabled and comes with an application that makes the usage not just smarter but

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